Research Abroad

Support and guidance for conducting international research

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Sanctions and Export Controls

Research Agreements

Unfunded Research Agreements:

  • including Materials Transfer Agreements, Data Use Agreements, and other mechanisms for research collaboration with international and domestic institutions

Funded Research Agreements:

  • with international institutions (included subawards) follow similar rules and principles as domestic research agreements.
  • Consult Sponsored Projects Administration for guidance on establishing and managing international subawards.

Importing Samples from Abroad

  • Importing samples from international research sites. Materials that require an import permit are the following:
    • Infectious biological agents capable of causing illness in humans
    • Materials known or reasonably expected to contain an infectious biological agent
    • Vectors of human disease such as insects or bats
    • Learn more and apply for a CDC Import Permit

Technology and Data Security

  • Technology guidance for keeping devices and data secure, including an overview of the University's guidance on protection of data.