Faculty and Staff Process

Certain types of faculty and staff travelers are required to obtain the University's international health, security, medical, and evacuation insurance approved by the University’s Office of Risk Management. 

Who Must Obtain Insurance?

University-issued international insurance, with coverage by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI), is mandatory for the following: 

  • All UMN faculty and staff traveling abroad with students 
  • All UMN faculty and staff traveling to Cuba for University purposes
  • All UMN faculty and staff who are NOT covered by Redpoint through the University's basic life insurance plan
  • All UMN faculty and staff traveling more than 6 months

Faculty and staff who are covered by the University's basic life insurance plan and do not meet any of the above criteria may purchase supplemental coverage through the University's CISI policy. See comparison chart of insurance plan coverage to assess your needs. The University's policy with CISI insurance does not cover personal or non-University travel.

Faculty and Staff Process

University of Minnesota faculty and staff can purchase CISI insurance within the University's mandatory travel registration system.  All faculty and staff must register travel regardless of insurance decisions or needs. See comparison chart of coverage between CISI and Redpoint (which is included for those covered by the University's basic life insurance plan).

  1. Log in to the Travel Registry system.
  2. After completing Itinerary and Purpose and Contact Information, select "I need/want to purchase CISI international insurance."
  3. Enter the University of Minnesota EFS number that will pay for the insurance, the contact information of financial staff for the EFS account and Date of Birth. Click Submit.
  4. To cover dependent(s) or a spouse or domestic partner, download and complete the paper application and send with payment directly to CISI.

Note: The U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and Guam, and the U.S. minor outlying islands will be treated as international locations for the purposes of CISI insurance.