On Call International Insurance Policy Details

The University's policy with On Call International (OCI) provides international health, security, medical, and evacuation coverage. It also provides some coverage for personal liability and property, and it includes some coverage for travel insurance to cover trip delays, interruptions, or lost luggage.

Policy Details

The 2023–24 plan includes the following items:

  • Emergency 24/7 assistance via phone, text, email, or chat
  • Medical/travel/technical assistance services 
  • Accidental medical/sickness expense 
  • No deductible 
  • Mental and nervous benefit: $20,000 inpatient and $10,000 outpatients 
  • Prescription drugs: paid at 100% 
  • Pre-existing conditions: up to $100,000 
  • Emergency family reunion benefit and return ticket benefit 
  • Medical evacuation/repatriation 
  • Political and security evacuation 
  • Return of mortal remains 
  • Accidental death and dismemberment 
  • Program fee refund: up to $5,000 of allowable expenses in allowable cases 
  • 90 day, $10,000 home country extension of benefits coverage for injuries that began while covered overseas 
  • Guaranteed payment directly to foreign hospitals when arranged through OCI

The U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, and Guam, and the U.S. minor outlying islands will be treated as international locations for the purposes of insurance.

How to Use Insurance and Services

After your trip is registered, you will be emailed your confirmed coverage dates, a copy of the insurance card, instructions for how to access services and insurance, and how to obtain a proof of coverage letter, if needed.

When to Contact On Call International

  • If you are sick or injured: On Call can make an appointment for medical treatment or refer you to a local hospital or provider.
  • If you think you need medical care, including mental health care: On Call can connect you with a medical provider to determine your needs.
  • If you are hospitalized: On Call can set up a guarantee of payment to a hospital or provider, arrange medical evacuation, or family reunification. Be prepared to pay in cash for any medical services provided while abroad. If you do pay for care out-of-pocket, On Call can reimburse you. Claims must be filed within 60 days of initial service provision.
  • In the event of a political or natural disaster: On Call can provide guidance on security threats and if needed, coordinate evacuation.
  • If you have questions about prescriptions before and during travel, lost/broken eyeglasses, travel delays, lost luggage or documents, stolen personal property, or family emergencies that may require travel home.
  • If you need help with claims, reimbursements, or any other health or travel questions you have. Claims must be filed within 60 days of initial service provision. You can file claims online through the Resource Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I contact On Call International (OCI)?

  • To consult with a medical professional about your care needs and determine if you need an appointment or to visit a hospital.
  • To learn whether medications that you are taking with are legal in the host country.
  • To locate hospitals, English-speaking doctors, or specialists in the host country.
  • When on-going treatment for a medical issue is prescribed.
  • Any time an insured individual is hospitalized, regardless of the severity.
  • When political unrest is threatened or you experience a natural disaster.

Can OCI cover things like malaria medications and birth control pills?

No. As this is preventive medication, OCI cannot cover the cost of the medication; however, OCI can provide assistance with locating a local facility where an insured individual can obtain the necessary medication.

Will my prescription medications be covered by OCI?

The University of Minnesota strongly recommends that, while planning for international travel, you visit a medical specialist for a pre-existing condition and obtain a necessary amount of medication that would last for your time abroad prior to departure. The cost for your visit to the U.S. doctor and medication that you obtain in the U.S. should be covered by your U.S. health insurance. If you need continuing care abroad for a pre-existing condition, contact OCI as early as possible and they can assist you in locating an appropriate specialist. Know that some medications are not available or are illegal in other countries. 

For new injuries, accidents or illness requiring care abroad, OCI will assist you with finding appropriate care and the cost of that care and any associated medication will be covered by OCI.

How do I extend my OCI coverage?

If you will spend extra time overseas before or after your program, you are strongly encouraged to purchase adequate insurance to cover that time. The University does not endorse or vet any specific insurance companies for personal travel.

On Call International, our contracted insurer, does not provide coverage for personal travel. Like On Call International, World Trips is a member of the Tokio Marine group, a global insurance underwriting company. You may wish to consider World Trips and learn more at worldtrips.com.

How do I receive an insurance card, letter, and brochure from OCI?

Visit the OCI Resource Hub for the University of Minnesota. Coverage dates are verified only after your travel is registered and will be sent to your email. 

I received care while I was abroad and paid out of pocket for my expenses. Can On Call reimburse me?

Yes. Claims for medical services, travel benefits, or personal accidents can all be filed online through the University of Minnesota's On Call Resource Hub. Claims must be filed within 60 days of the initial provision of services.