Faculty, Staff, and Post-Docs

The University's Travel Policy requires all faculty, staff, and post-docs traveling abroad for University purposes to register their travel.

Before starting a travel registration for yourself or someone else, be sure you have all of the required information. You will need:

  • Location(s) of travel, including city and country
  • Dates of travel
  • Personal emergency contact, including name, email, and phone
  • University emergency contact, including name, email, and phone (see responsibilities)
  • EFS number and financial staff contact information, if purchasing supplemental insurance (see below)


Register Faculty/Staff Travel


Questions about the Travel Registry

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Questions about the Travel Registry

Why do I need to register my travel?

The University's Travel Policy requires all faculty and staff traveling abroad for University purposes to register their travel. This is NOT an approval process. For more details, please visit the "Traveling on Business FAQ."

I am a fellow, graduate assistant, resident, or teaching assistant. Which travel registry should I use?

You must register your travel using the Student International Travel Registry. Post-docs should register in the Faculty/Staff Registry.

What if I need to change my itinerary or insurance dates?

Please email travelrg@umn.edu with your request.

What is the Travel Registration ID?

The Travel Registration ID is a confirmation code that will be required when submitting a travel expense report through Chrome River. The Travel Registration ID connects your travel registration to your expense report for compliance verification.

What is the UMN International Emergency Number?

UMN travelers abroad may contact the 24/7 International Emergency Number at 612-301-2255 (612-301-CALL). Collect calls will be accepted.

Questions about insurance

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Questions about insurance

What’s the difference between Redpoint and CISI Insurance?

Redpoint is an assistance program provided through U Plan faculty and staff benefits. CISI is an international insurance plan. View a comparison chart of the two options.

When is CISI Insurance required?

Faculty and staff are required to purchase CISI International Insurance when:

  • UMN students are involved in the activity abroad or
  • Faculty/staff member does not carry medical benefits through their employment at the University of Minnesota or
  • Traveling for University purposes for more than 6 consecutive months (due to Redpoint coverage limit)

How much does CISI Insurance cost?

Cost per person:

  • 0-7 days $13.00
  • 8-14 days $26.00
  • 15-21 day $39.00
  • 22+ days = monthly rate $50.00

After 22 days, coverage can only be enrolled and billed by the month. Weekly and monthly rates cannot be combined. For example, 36 days of coverage will be billed as two months ($100).

Due to high costs, travel that includes the United Arab Emirates will be billed at a higher weekly/monthly insurance rate.

What method of payment is accepted for CISI Insurance?

CISI International Insurance is charged to an EFS Account String from a University of Minnesota department. Credits cards are not accepted. An EFS financial contact (name, email, phone number) must also be provided.

When will I get my CISI card?

Insurance enrollments are completed on Tuesdays and Fridays. Travel registrations that are incomplete, have not been submitted, or have issues may face delays in insurance enrollment.

Can I purchase CISI Insurance for personal travel?

The CISI Insurance plan is currently limited to University-purpose travel only. Faculty and staff who wish to purchase a supplementary insurance plan for additional personal travel days before or after University-purpose travel can do so through the CISI web portal after receiving enrollment confirmation materials from CISI.

Can I purchase CISI coverage for dependents?

Faculty and staff may add dependents to their trip after they have been enrolled in CISI International Insurance. The policy is at a discounted rate and must be paid with a credit card. See Faculty and Staff Application Process. Dependent coverage will be attached to the faculty/staff member’s policy. See more information about Companions.

Where can I find information about insurance and COVID-19?

Please review Frequently Asked Questions about CISI Coverage and COVID-19.