About the GPS Alliance

We believe people's lives are enriched through global connections and understanding.

Our Mission

As the central international office for the University of Minnesota system, the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance drives the University’s global strategy and connects faculty, staff, and students with the resources and expertise needed for personal and professional success.

Strategic Goals

Our work advances three main initiatives:

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Empower Students for Global Success

Empower students for global success with the skills to thrive in a global workforce and interconnected society.

The next generation of graduates must be prepared for the global challenges that lie ahead, with the skills to be successful in diverse environments. We create opportunities for all students, regardless of income or background, to live and learn abroad. We equip faculty to build global learning into their classrooms and curricula, and we develop innovative ways for U.S. and international students to learn from each other—right here in Minnesota.

Bring the World to the U

Bring the world to the U to connect the world’s brightest minds and diverse perspectives, and inspire new ideas.

The entire campus community benefits from the sharing of diverse perspectives, cultures, and ideas that inspire innovation and ultimately lead to a greater competitive edge. These interactions build bridges between Minnesota and other countries, opening doors to significant impact for years to come.

Ignite Global Innovation

Ignite global innovation through collaborations and investment with the people and places that can best affect change.

Strategic, focused collaborations bring together the strengths of the University with the people and places that can ignite innovation. We shine a spotlight on promising areas of collaboration to encourage more and deeper engagement across disciplines for greater impact. A systemwide focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals guides the University’s efforts to serve the state and impact the world.