International Travel Registry for Students

Who must register?

University of Minnesota students including undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree students, medical residents, and fellows traveling abroad for University purposes must register their travel. Registration facilitates compliance with the University’s Education Abroad policy.

Note: International students also need to register anytime they are traveling for University purposes including when traveling to their home country.


Students studying abroad through an Education Abroad Office listed below should NOT use this online travel registry as they are already registered by their Education Abroad Office. Please contact your education abroad office for more information:

What is traveling "for University purposes"?

Traveling for University purposes includes travel led by University faculty and staff; promoted by University faculty, staff, and units; funded by the University; or where credit is awarded or degree requirements are fulfilled. Examples include work, internships, field study, research, volunteering, conference or workshop attendance, athletic events, and Campus Life Program (CLP) activities abroad. Travel with a Registered Student Organization (RSO), that is not otherwise funded or supported by the University, and personal travel such as a vacation is NOT for University purposes.

International Travel Registry instructions

Step 1: Review the U.S. State Department Travel Advisories

Visit the U.S. Department of State’s list of Travel Advisories and review the advisory for the location(s) you plan to visit.

  1. If the Travel Advisory for a country or location that you are traveling to is Level 3 or 4, you must seek special travel approval from the International Travel Risk Assessment and Advisory Committee (ITRAAC). For details and application, review the Travel Approval website, and contact Kevin Dostal Dauer at as soon as possible.
  2. If not, continue to step #2.

Step 2: Start Registration

Start registration below by selecting your activity or program type: an activity or program offered by the University of Minnesota; or a self- identified activity or program.

  • Activity or program offered by the University of Minnesota

    An education abroad opportunity offered or approved through the University of Minnesota college/school, department or faculty.

  • Self-identified activity or program

    An independently identified education abroad opportunity that is not organized or promoted by a University of Minnesota education abroad office, college, department or individual faculty.

Step 3: Submit the Online Form

Log in to the Student International Travel Registry using your University of Minnesota internet ID (x.500) and password. The online registration form will ask you to provide:

  • program or activity details.
  • travel locations and dates.
  • a University 24-7 emergency contact and a personal emergency contact in the U.S. (names, phone numbers, and emails).
  • EFS number and name of the budgetary contact in the unit, if your unit is paying for your CISI insurance coverage.

NOTE: University policy requires all students to receive mandatory international travel, health, and security insurance, CISI. In very limited situations, students may opt out of the CISI coverage. Review guidelines to ensure you are eligible to opt out.

Step 4: Complete All University Requirements

After submitting the online form, you will receive an email from the GPS Alliance to assist in completing the remaining policy requirements:

  • completing the online health and safety orientation via Moodle.
  • submitting the student release and waiver to the Education Abroad system.
  • providing a photocopy of the U.S. health insurance card, if applicable.

Step 5: Report Changes or Cancelation (if applicable)

You must notify Global Programs and Strategy Alliance of any changes in plans or cancellation. You are responsible for all charges if proper notification is not received in a timely manner. Contact Kevin Dostal Dauer at or 612-625-5107 for questions.

Start Registration (select one):

Activity or Program offered by the University of Minnesota -or- Self-identified Activity or Program