C. Eugene Allen Award for Innovative International Initiatives (III)

Through the C. Eugene Allen Award for Innovative International Initiatives (III Award), the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance recognizes faculty and staff for their contributions to further the internationalization of the University of Minnesota. This award highlights the work of faculty and staff who have taken the initiative—and perhaps some risk—to internationalize their individual work or the work of their department or unit in innovative ways.

Deadline for nomination: Annually on April 10

For questions or more information, please contact global@umn.edu



The initiative should (1) raise the visibility of internationalization; (2) initiate meaningful change; and (3) have a direct and demonstrable impact on students, staff, faculty, and/or the University or external communities. 

The major criteria for evaluating initiatives will be: How and to what extent did the initiative make a difference in advancing international or global needs of the target audience(s) or programs?

It is important to emphasize that this award is intended to recognize originality and risk-taking that is essential to creation of new and innovative ideas and programs important to advancing internationalization.

Some examples of innovative work within key areas are:

  • Develop innovative student learning or research experiences outside the U.S. that go beyond more traditional study abroad, research, and engagement programs.
  • Incorporate in a significant way international-global-intercultural perspectives into courses, curriculum or co-curricular activities.
  • Advance intercultural training for students, staff, or faculty in ways that are meaningful to them.
  • Establish a program that facilitates meaningful interactions between international students or fellows and U.S. students and scholars within departments, colleges, or the campus.
  • Understand and support the experiences students encounter personally and academically when they study abroad and how they can process and share these experiences upon returning to campus.
  • Creating incentives and mechanisms to support faculty/staff education, development, and research programs abroad.
  • Develop pathways to connect community members with global knowledge at the University.


Nominees: The III Award is open to all faculty and staff currently employed within the University system, including adjunct faculty, those on phased-retirement, and all labor classifications. Units, programs (academic or co-curriculuar), or departments are also eligible for the award. Individuals and programs that are part of the GPS Alliance are not eligible for the award.

Nominators: Nominations must be submitted by current faculty or staff. 

Selection Process

The Associate Vice President and Dean of International Programs will nominate a committee of GPS Alliance staff to review applications and make recommendations to the AVP and Dean, who will have final authority to give the award.

Honoring of Award Recipients

  • The recipients of the III Award will receive a $2,500 professional development or program assistance stipend and be recognized at a GPS Alliance reception.
  • A list of recipients and the significance or their initiative will be maintained on the GPS Alliance website.

Nomination Procedure


Applications are due annually on April 10.

Nomination Form

Faculty and staff may nominate colleagues, programs, or units/departments. To submit a nomination, nominators will need to complete a short nomination form asking for:

  • a description of the initiative and its impact
  • three people who could comment on the impact of the initiative
  • contact information for the nominator and the nominee

Nomination form should be sent to global@umn.edu.



AgEcon Search
Department of Applied Economics, University Libraries, UMTC


Office for International Initiatives
College of Education and Human Development, UMTC

Representatives from the Office for International Initiatives


Carol Flaten and Chris Mueller
School of Nursing, UMTC

Dave Golden and Communications Team
Boynton Health, UMTC


Nanette Hanks
Assistant Dean for Curriculum, College of Liberal Arts, UMTC

Hijab Initiative
Karen Kaler, U of M Bookstores, U of M Women's Center


Sharon Dzik
Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, Office for Student Affairs, UMTC

Anny Lin and Gene Allen
(From left: Gene Allen, Sharon Dzik, and Associate Vice President
and Dean for International Programs Meredith McQuaid)

Brian Dingmann and Katy Smith
Math, Science, and Technology Department; University of Minnesota, Crookston

Katy Smith, Brian Dingmann, and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Barbara Keinath
(From left: Katy Smith, Brian Dingmann, and UMC Vice Chancellor
for Academic Affairs Barbara Keinath)


Chung-En (Anny) Lin
Associate Academic Adviser, Undergraduate Program (Carlson School of Management)

Anny Lin and Gene Allen

Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)
Thomas Nechodomu, Melissa Falldin, Treden Wagoner, and Marina Aleixo (College of Education and Human Development)


Tricia Todd
Assistant Director, Health Careers Center (Academic Health Center)

Tricia Todd with Gene Allen

Fred Rose, Brian Bell, and Lewis Gilbert (Institute on the Environment) and Julian Marshall (College of Science and Engineering)

Acara recipients with Gene Allen

About Dr. C. Eugene Allen

Gene AllenThe III Award is named for Dr. C. Eugene Allen, former University of Minnesota Provost for Professional Studies, dean of agriculture, and associate vice president for the Office of International Programs (predecessor to the GPS Alliance). 

Many examples of innovative initiatives under Gene’s leadership can serve as examples for this award: the successful curriculum integration model for study abroad that has become a national model; establishment of an international undergraduate recruitment program that increased the proportion of these students six-fold; the Judd Fellowships that support an international study or research opportunity for master’s and professional degree students; and establishment of University-wide awards to recognize international alumni and global engagement by faculty and staff. Gene’s commitment to providing international opportunities for all University of Minnesota students, staff, and faculty laid the foundation for Minnesota’s present and ongoing success and national reputation as a leader in international programs

Gene’s earlier career involved innovations in curriculum (Project Sunrise) and establishment of the framework and administration of interdisciplinary programs when such programs were rare. For 20 years he was involved as a faculty member and administrator with the highly acclaimed Minnesota-USAID Moroccan partnership that increased the capacity for research and teaching in Morocco.