International Insurance

The University of Minnesota encourages its students, staff, and faculty to participate in international experiences. To minimize health and safety risks, the University requires international health, security, medical, and evacuation insurance for most students traveling abroad (both incoming and outgoing), international scholars, and in some cases, faculty and staff.

International Health, Security, Medical, and Evacuation Insurance for Traveling Outside the U.S.

All students traveling abroad in connection with their University of Minnesota studies (except international students traveling to their home country of citizenship) are required to obtain international health, security, medical, and evacuation insurance approved by the University’s Risk Management Office. The same coverage is required for faculty and staff who do not carry medical benefits through the University of Minnesota. Faculty and staff leading students abroad also must be covered by the approved insurance policy.

Insurance for International Students, Scholars, and Visitors

The University requires participation in the University-sponsored health plan for all international students and their dependents and for most international scholars. This plan includes special coverage for evacuation and repatriation. Visitors on tourist, business, or pleasure visas are responsible for purchasing their own insurance.