Research and Resources

All of our work in Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus is grounded in scholarship and current research in the field of international education. On our website, you will find information and resources on a wide range of topics related to Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus, including research projects at the University of Minnesota and links to current research in the field.

Research at the University of Minnesota

Units around the University of Minnesota conduct a wide variety of research projects related to internationalizing the curriculum and campus, including many projects exploring and documenting the international student experience. In this section, you will find information on these research projects at the University of Minnesota.

Curriculum Integration of Learning Abroad

A University-wide initiative to internationalize the undergraduate experience by integrating learning abroad into all degree programs on all five campuses.

Bibliography and Selected Resources

The ICC team maintains a curated bibliography of current research in Internationalizing Higher Education. The bibliography includes resources on a wide range of topics, including Education Abroad, Faculty Development, Non-U.S. Internationalization Strategies, and Internationalizing Academic Disciplines.

Funding to Support Internationalization Activities

The GPS Alliance offers several grant opportunities that support the internationalization of the teaching, research, and outreach missions of the University of Minnesota.