Mestenhauser Lecture Series on Internationalizing Higher Education

This annual lecture is named in honor of Professor Josef A. Mestenhauser. It provides an academic forum in which scholars from around the world present innovative and thought-provoking scholarship on the internationalization of higher education.

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Previous Lectures

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  • 2015: "The Freedom to Be: International Education and Crossing Borders" by Hanneke Teekens
  • 2012-13: "Internationalizing the curriculum and student learning: Preparing graduates for the 21st century" by Professor Betty Leask, University of South Australia
  • 2011: "Cultural Diplomacy and International Understanding" by Dr. Richard Arndt, author of "The First Resort of Kings: American Cultural Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century"
  • 2010: "Intercultural Matters: The Internationalization of Higher Education" by Dr. Jolene Koester, president California State University, Northridge
  • 2009: "Reflections on the past, present, and future of internationalizing higher education: Discovering opportunities to meet challenges" by Josef A. Mestenhauser, professor emeritus College of Education and Human Development University of Minnesota

Lecture Publications

Papers have been produced from each Mestenhauser Lecture.

2009: Dr. Josef MestenhauserBook cover

Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Internationalizing Higher Education—Discovering Opportunities to Meet the Challenges

This book is a substantially expanded version of a presentation of the same title at the inaugural Josef A. Mestenhauser Lecture Series on Internationalizing Higher Education on October 28, 2009. Available as an e-book or print book through All proceeds will support the lecture series and related activities.

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  • Print copy available for $50.00.

2011 lecture2010: Dr. Jolene Koester

Intercultural Matters: The Internationalization of Higher Education

2011: Dr. Richard Arndt

Cultural Diplomacy and International Understanding

2012-13: Dr. Betty Leask

Internationalizing the Curriculum and Student Learning: Preparing Graduates for the 21st Century

2015: Hanneke Teekens

The Freedom to Be: International Education and Crossing Borders


Mestenhauser Legacy Initiative

The Mestenhauser Legacy Initiative was launched by the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance in close consultation with Professor Josef Mestenhauser to recognize his legacy to international education. Through this collection of innovative programs and scholarship, we strive to honor Professor Mestenhauser's legacy of working to broaden international understanding.

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