Internationalizing Teaching and Learning

Getting Started

Faculty and staff can use the following resources and ideas to begin exploring strategies to intentionally design and teach courses that provide students with opportunities for international, global, and intercultural learning.

Learn from faculty involved in Internationalizing Teaching and Learning

Tina Clarkson's digital narrative

"Course design for significant learning [was] a very comfortable way to redesign a course, and a very logical way to assess what you are doing and to continually try to improve your course."  

– Dr. Christina Clarkson, DVM, PhD (University of Minnesota)

In the following digital narrative, Dr. Christina Clarkson (College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities) describes how she used the course design for significant learning model to transform the course CVM 6013: Professional Development III - Applied Communication. As a member of the University of Minnesota's Internationalizing Teaching and Learning faculty cohort program, which uses the "course design for significant learning" model to promote increased international, intercultural, and global learning in a variety of disciplines and academic levels, Clarkson chose to focus on the integration of intercultural communication competencies to better prepare her students for veterinary practice in increasingly diverse settings. "What I hope the students take from this is a bigger understanding of themselves, deeper understanding that there are different perspectives out there, and also be able to link that to their profession," she says.  "It’s not going to mean anything to them if I just make them do something that has no meaning. I can see how this is absolutely critical to them being able to interact at a deeper level with their client." 

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On our Research and Resources page, you will find information and resources on a wide range of topics related to Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus, including research projects at the University of Minnesota and links to current research in the field.

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