Internationalizing Teaching and Learning

Inspiring and Supporting Innovative Faculty and Staff

Internationalizing Teaching and Learning (ITL) is an intentional approach to maximizing students’ international, global, and/or intercultural learning. The purpose of internationalizing teaching and learning is to provide strategies for faculty and staff to introduce all students across the University of Minnesota system to ways of considering their discipline of study through international, global, and international lenses, regardless of whether students study abroad or participate in other types of intercultural interactions during their time on campus.  

ITL Faculty Cohort Program

The Internationalizing Teaching and Learning Faculty Cohort Program engages faculty in significant course design or redesign by participating in a multidisciplinary cohort of their peers. Faculty develop an internationalized sense of "academic self," identify global learning outcomes for their courses, expand their teaching strategies, and develop course materials, activities, and assessments. Learn more.

Internationalizing Teaching and Learning cohort

Other Ways to Engage

The Internationalizing Teaching and Learning Initiative provides opportunities along a continuum of engagement so that University of Minnesota faculty and instructors can get involved at various levels of intensity. For example, our website includes some low-intensity but impactful strategies to begin internationalizing courses as well as ways to engage more intensively with the Internationalizing Teaching and Learning team.

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Explore teaching support

  • Check out these resources and ideas to begin exploring strategies to intentionally design and teach courses that provide students with opportunities for international, global, and intercultural learning.
  • Learn about International Student Academic Integration (ISAI) .

    ISAI offers customized professional development for undergraduate faculty who have international students and would like help in promoting their integration in the classroom. We support faculty in establishing inclusive learning environments and identifying and designing quality opportunities for our globally diverse students to work and learn together.

  • Find out more about Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL).

Attend workshops and events

Please see our schedule of events for upcoming opportunities to engage.

Schedule a consultation

ITL team members are available for individual consultations on a variety of topics related to internationalizing teaching and learning. If you are interested in arranging a consultation, please complete the request form. You will receive follow-up communication from an ITL team member by phone or email to schedule a meeting. Meetings can be conducted virtually or by phone for system campus colleagues.

Curricular and disciplinary internationalization

Internationalization can take place in a variety of curricular and disciplinary contexts. The ICC team would be happy to discuss your specific opportunities and strategies for curricular and discplinary internationalization. Please contact Gayle Woodruff if you would like to discuss further.