Workshop: Facilitating Intercultural Learning in Globally Diverse Classrooms

June 10-11, 2020
University of Minnesota
Virtual interactive workshop

Registered participants will receive the Zoom link and workshop instructions.

How do we as teachers facilitate student learning that centers on the globally diverse perspectives that students bring to our classrooms?

Join us for an interactive, online workshop where you will have the opportunity to expand and deepen both your online and in-person teaching approaches to engage the global diversity in your classes.

Faculty and instructors from all disciplines face increasing demands to help students develop the intercultural skills necessary to thrive in today’s world. During this workshop, you will learn from leaders in the field of intercultural education and practice strategies to facilitate online or in-class interactions among students in your globally diverse classrooms. The workshop presenters collectively have decades of experience in the art of facilitation and include leaders of new scholarly works on intercultural learning.

In this workshop, you will:

  1. Learn and practice intercultural facilitation techniques.
  2. Explore, share, and practice activities that broaden student engagement, integration, and interaction.

This workshop is offered by the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance and co-sponsored by the Center for Educational Innovation at the University of Minnesota.

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What is Global-Diversity and why did we choose this term to frame the workshop?

Students from all over the world are in our classes, and they represent a wide range of diverse backgrounds, regardless of their nationalities. This is the global nature of student diversity.

By framing the diversity of our students from a global perspective, we, as teachers, can facilitate learning from a broader lens. How do we help our students begin to frame their own experiences as “cultural”? How do we encourage them to respect other students’ cultural experiences and backgrounds? How do we help our students to learn more from each other, across their differences?

We do not have definitive answers to these questions, but we find it productive to ponder them as we decide what we teach and how we teach.

Suggested Resources

You will receive a separate list of required workshop readings upon registration closer to the workshop date.

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Workshop Details


Wednesday, June 10 – Thursday, June 11, 2020
9 a.m. – 2 p.m. CDT each day (lunch break included)


FREE for University of Minnesota teaching faculty and instructors

$100 Registration Fee for teaching faculty and instructors outside of the University of Minnesota

For more information, please contact Ann Smith ( or Gayle Woodruff (

Workshop Facilitators
Barbara Kappler
Gayle Woodruff
Ann Smith
Yuliya Kartoshkina
Thorunn Bjarnadottir
Elizabeth Schwartz

Guest facilitators include University of Minnesota faculty and instructors who have experience with intercultural learning in globally diverse classes.