Our Partners

All of the work to Internationalize the Curriculum and Campus is accomplished through robust partnerships across the University of Minnesota system. Partnerships are critical to the University's Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus efforts, as they provide opportunities for shared expertise, reaching wider audiences, and developing new and innovative programs and initiatives.

Below we have highlighted a few key partners in the University of Minnesota's efforts to Internationalize the Curriculum and Campus. Please continue to check back for updates and stories about ICC partnerships.

Center for Educational Innovation

The mission of the Center for Educational Innovation (CEI) is to strengthen instructional and academic technology collaboration and support across the University by providing expertise to support curricular and pedagogical innovation in campus classrooms and in online courses and programs.

CEI has been a partner with ICC since the beginning of the initiative. Professional staff in CEI have lent their expertise with course design, assessment and evaluation, and international student learning to the Internationalizing Teaching and Learning efforts. CEI Assistant Director Kate Martin helped to co-found the ITL Faculty Cohort Program in collaboration with the ICC team.  

International Student and Scholar Services

Professional staff in International Student and Scholar Service (ISSS) have partnered on Internationalizing the Curriclum and Campus since the beginning of the initiative at the University of Minnesota. Their expertise in intercultural learning and assessment, and international student academic success have been critical to the development of the initiative. Assistant Dean Barbara Kappler has been a member of the ITL Faculty Cohort team, and Intercultural Training Director Thorunn Bjarnadottir has provided ICC with training for faculty on intercultural learning. Specific programs that connect international and U.S. students include Small World Coffee Hour, International Buddy Program, and Cross-Cultural Discussion Groups. See the ISSS website for more student programs.

University of Minnesota System Campuses

Internationalizing the Curriculum and Campus is truly a system-wide initiative. Faculty and staff work together to create a community for international education that spans all five University of Minnesota campuses. Partnership across the system enables faculty and staff to consider internationalization in various contexts and to share and benefit from expertise across the entire system.

Global Leadership Initiative

Global Leadership is a University-wide initiative to engage students to become effective global citizens and leaders. The Global Leadership Program is a partnership between the University’s vice president for student affairs, the vice president for equity and diversity, the associate vice president and dean of international programs, and the associate vice president for public engagement. Global Leadership uses frameworks of leadership, international/global, civic engagement, and diversity. A critical part of the partnership is the work of June Nobbe, Assistant Vice Provost for Student Life in the Office for Student Affairs, and her team to link global, international, and intercultural skills to leadership through engagement opportunities. As a result of the partnership, Linnette Werner, Assistant Director for Leadership Education & Development for Undergraduate Programs in the Office for Student Affairs, worked with the Internationalizing Teaching and Learning team to integrate global learning into the entire Leadership Minor curriculum on the Twin Cities Campus.