U of M Strategic Plan: Driving Tomorrow

GPS Alliance role in strategic plan

The Global Programs and Strategy Alliance is providing support to the Driving Tomorrow strategic plan in various ways. Watch this page for updates.

$461K Awarded through International Enhancement Grants

Provost Karen Hanson has announced 29 Grand Challenges Research grants to advance the research goals of Driving Tomorrow, the TC Campus Strategic Plan. Thirteen of the 29 grants include an international component that is being funded by an International Enhancement Grant from the GPS Alliance. The total awarded through International Enhancement Grants is $461,000. For a full list of funded proposals, go to the Driving Tomorrow website.

Advancing Health through Tailored Solutions

Keys to preventing cancer: Unlocking barriers to HPV vaccinations in low-income countries

$50k GC Exploratory Research Grant; includes $30k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Nicole E. Basta, Epidemiology & Community Health; Hee Yun Lee, Social Work
  • Team Members: Fareed A. Awan, Philosophy; Cecily Banura, Child Health & Development Center, Makerere University; Shalini L. Kulasingam, Epidemiology & Community Health; Ruby H. Nguyen, Epidemiology & Community Health

Fostering Just and Equitable Communities

Human rights collaborative and faculty-student human rights laboratory to promote equitable civil society

$110k GC Exploratory Research Grant; includes $50k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Barbara Frey, Global Studies; Fionnuala Ni Aolain, Law; James Ron, Global Policy; Joachim Savelsberg, Sociology
  • Team Members: Alejandro Baer, Sociology; Elizabeth Heger Boyle, Sociology; Greta Friedemann-Sánchez, Global Policy; Jennifer Green, Law; Lisa Hilbink, Political Science; Harry Lando, Public Health; Steven Miles, Medicine; Stephen Meili, Law; Leigh Payne, Human Rights Program; Christopher Roberts, Law

Social justice through collaborative artistic expression: The state of Iberoamerican Studies Series: Human rights across the disciplines and Voice to Vision project

$55k GC Exploratory Research Grant; includes $15k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Luis A. Ramos-Garcia, Spanish & Portuguese Studies; David Feinberg, Art
  • Team Members: Beth Andrews, Art; Patricia Ariza, Artistic Director La Candelaria Theater; Nelsy Echávez-Solano, Spanish Portuguese Studies; Carlos E. Satizábal, Theater Director, Universidad Nacional da Colombia

Voicing the global immigration crisis: Documentation and analysis of immigrant stories for social change

$80k; includes $20k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Erika Lee, Immigration Research; Moin Syed, Psychology

Enhancing Individual and Community Capacity for a Changing World

Art of healing: Embodied storytelling as resistance and practice

$110k GC Exploratory Research Grant; includes $50k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Abimbola Asojo, Housing & Apparel Design; Ananya Chatterjea, Theater Arts & Dance; Jigna Desai, Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies; Roli Dwivedi, Community-University Health Care Center; Priscilla Gibson, Social Work; Lena Palacios, Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies; Madhuri Shors, Community-University Health Care Center; Catherine Squires, Communication Studies

Climate, conflict, and displacement: Shifting patterns in the Horn of Africa arid lands

$96k GC Exploratory Research Grant; includes $46k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Cheryl Robertson, Population Health & Systems, School of Nursing; Dominic Travis, Ecosystem Health Initiative
  • Team Members: Eunice Areba, Nursing; Joel Hartter, Environmental Studies Program, University of Colorado-Boulder; Sarah Hoffman, Nursing; Katey Pelican, Veterinary Population Medicine; Michael Mahero, Veterinary Population Medicine; Shamilah Namusisi, One Health Resident, Makerere University; Carolyn Porta, Nursing, Epidemiology; Paul M. Porter, Agronomy & Plant Genetics; Innocent B. Rwego, Veterinary Population Medicine; Jacinta Mukulu Waila, One Health Resident, Makerere University

Cracking the speech code: A cross-linguistic neurobehavioral approach to language learning in typical and atypical populations

$51k GC Exploratory Research Grant; includes $4k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Yang Zhang, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences; Jed T. Elison, Child Development; Hui Zou, Statistics; Xiaohu Yang, Laboratory for Language & Cognition; Iku Nemoto, Biomedical Engineering; Hua Shu, National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience & Learning; Suiping Wang, Psychology
  • Team Members: Jean Decety, Child NeuroSuite and the Social Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, University of Chicago; Mark DeRuiter, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences; Kaibao Hu, Foreign Languages, Shanghai Jiao tong University; Patricia Kuhl, Speech & Hearing Sciences, University of Washington; Michael Reiff, Pediatrics; Robert S, Schlauch, Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Shared leadership lab: Analyzing success factors to address complex societal challenges

$300k GC Interdisciplinary Work Group Collaboration; includes $50k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Akosua O. Addo, Music; Vanessa Laird, Leadership & Management; Hari Osofsky, Joint Degree Program in Law, Science, & Technology; Kathy Quick, Leadership & Management; Myles Shaver, Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Team Members: John Finnegan, Epidemiology & Community Health; David MacCallum, Civic Consulting Minnesota; Guillermo Narváez, Leadership & Management; Jennifer Pelletier, Minnesota Department of Health; Sheila Riggs, Primary Dental Care; Art Rolnick, Social Problems & Policy Analysis

Assuring Clean Water and Sustainable Ecosystems

21st-century technologies for advancing bio-manufacturing

$85k GC Exploratory Research Grant; includes $25k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Claudia Schmidt-Dannert, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Biophysics; Vincent Noireaux, Physics
  • Team Members: Mikael Elias, BioTechnology Institute; Fernando Lopez-Gallego, Biofunctional Nanomaterials Laboratory, Spain; Bernd Nidetzky, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, & Engineering, University of Graz; Sven Panke, Biosystems, Science, & Engineering, ETH Züirch; Maureen Quin, BioTechnology Institute; Jon Marles Wright, Structural & Synthetic Biology Laboratory, University of Edinburgh

Sustainable development: Architecture and planning within the ecological footprint of one planet

$110k GC Exploratory Research Grant; includes $50k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Richard Graves, Center for Sustainable Building Research; Bonnie Keeler, Institute on the Environment
  • Team Members: Mary Guzowski, Architecture; Jessica Hellman, Institute on the Environment; Sarah Hobbie, Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior; Stephen Polasky, Applied Economics; Richard Strong, Center for Sustainable Building Research

Developing a simple, inexpensive smart chip to detect water pollutants

$315k GC Interdisciplinary Work Group Collaboration; includes $50k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Daniel R. Bond, Microbiology & Immunology BioTechnology Institute; Mikael Elias, Biochemistry; Jeffrey A. Gralnick, Microbiology & Immunology BioTechnology Institute; Mark Herzberg, Diagnostic & Biological Science; Lawrence P. Wackett, Biochemistry
  • Team Members: William Arnold, Civil, Environmental & GeoEngineering; Paige J. Novak, Civil, Environmental & GeoEngineering; Casim A. Sarkar, Biomedical Engineering; Michael Smanski, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, & Biophysics; Joseph Talghader, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Feeding the World Sustainably

Addressing the challenge of tuberculosis in the animal-human interface

$85k GC Exploratory Research Grant; includes $25k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Srinand Sreevatsan, Veterinary Population Medicine; David Boulware, Infectious Diseases & International Medicine
  • Team Members: Joel Bazira, Mbarara University; Dominic Travis, Veterinary Population Medicine

Big-data transparency in global food supply

$96k GC Exploratory Research Grant; includes $46k international enhancement grant

  • Co-PIs: Derric Pennington, Institute on the Environment; Anu Ramaswami, Technology & Environmental Policy; Shashki Shekhar, Computer Science; Timothy M. Smith, Bioproducts & Biosystems Engineering

Call for Proposals: International Enhancement Grants

The Global Programs and Strategy Alliance is providing additional funding of up to $700,000 to support Grand Challenges research initiatives that foster internationalization of the University of Minnesota. Proposals funded through Exploratory Research Grants or the Interdisciplinary Work Groups will be eligible for this additional funding.

These International Enhancement Grants (to range from $5,000 to $50,000) will be awarded as supplementary funding to proposals that integrate the University’s internationalization goals with the Grand Challenges research components of the strategic plan, in one or more of the following ways:

  • Pursue research and scholarship with explicit attention to a global perspective and/or engagement of global partners;
  • Encourage or facilitate the identification and development of new relationships with international collaborators;
  • Actively seek to involve expertise and perspectives from existing international collaborators; and/or
  • Encourage or promote research that will lead to the development or enhancement of courses (at home or abroad) or curriculum to expand students’ international, global, and/or intercultural learning.

Application Process

To be considered for an International Enhancement Grant, applicants must submit a brief application form along with their Exploratory Research Grant or Interdisciplinary Work Group proposal. Proposals that are funded will be reviewed and considered for additional funding through the International Enhancement Grants.

For questions, please contact Molly Portz at mportz@umn.edu or 612-626-8792.

About the Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan for the Twin Cities campus is a focused framework for accelerating advancement of excellence in research, teaching, and outreach.  The plan builds on the strengths of the campus as Minnesota’s globally engaged research university and one of few major land-grant research institutions situated in a major metropolitan area.

With a theme of “Driving Tomorrow,” the plan recognizes the special opportunities and responsibilities the campus has to bring its resources more powerfully to bear on “Grand Challenges”—the most pressing and complex challenges of the state of the Minnesota and the world.

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