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2012 Judd Fellows Expo and 10th Anniversary Celebration

The tenth annual Judd Fellows Expo was held on Oct. 10, 2012, at the McNamara Alumni Center on the University of Minnesota's East Bank campus. More than 125 family, friends, and supporters attended the Expo to hear the 2012 Judd Fellows talk about their experiences abroad and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Judd Fellowship program. Speakers included Meredith McQuaid, associate vice president and dean of international programs; Professor Gabe Weisberg; and 2009 Judd Fellow alumnus Meghan Mason.

  • Download a copy of the 10-Year Report highlighting Judd Fellow alumni and where they are now


2012 Judd Fellows cohort
2012 cohort of Judd Fellows

Meredith McQuaid
Meredith McQuaid, associate vice president and dean of international programs, explains the goals of the Judd Fellowship program and a little history of Walter Judd.

Expo guests
More than 125 guests attend the Judd Fellows Expo this year.

Meghan Mason Pearl Bergad and Meredith McQuaid
(Left photo) 2009 Judd Fellow alumnus Meghan Mason spoke at the Expo about the value of her Judd Fellowship and why she financially supports the Fellowship today.
(Right photo) Pearl Bergad with Dean Meredith McQuaid.

Expo guests
Yvonne Weisberg, College of Liberal Arts, and Professor Gabriel Weisberg and Lecturer Jim Lutz from the College of Design

Expo guests
Nick Scheibel of The Minneapolis Foundation speaks with 2012 Judd Fellow Claire Antelman.

Expo guests
Professor Bill Toscano (School of Public Health), 2012 Judd Fellow Jennie Meinz, and Gayle Woodruff (GPS Alliance).

Expo guests
Hazel Belvo and Ed Sootsman

Judd family
Two generations of the Walter Judd family: Walter's daughters Mary Lou Judd Carpenter (left) and Ellie Quinn and his great-grandchildren A.J. Nelson and Meredith Casey.

Expo guests
Helen Bowlin, Paul Bowlin, Jane Nelson, and Tom Nelson.

Expo guests
2012 Judd Fellow Jessica Lowe talks about her project.

Expo guests
Jill Wagner speaks with 2012 Judd Fellow Jennie Meinz.

Support the Judd Fellowships

Make a gift!Funding for the fellowships is provided by a generous gift from the Walter H. Judd Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation and additional funds from the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance. The Judd Fellowship program is proud to also be supported by individual donors.

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