Impact of Giving

Madeline Deninger

Virtual Internships Enable Global Learning

Madeline Deninger, a senior studying strategic communication, had the unique opportunity to cover some news very close to home for an audience 4,000 miles away.

As an intern with El Independiente, an online publication in Spain, Madeline did a lot of reporting on events in the U.S., including the protests and calls for change after George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer.

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Lucas Bagno

Pushing the Limits of Possibility

Lucas Bagno wants to start a company in the space industry.

“I very strongly believe that the reason why we’re not on Mars, we’re not actually expanding humankind outside planet earth, is not because of technical reasons. I think it has to do with more so business and economic and social problems.”

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Picture Impact project on the ground in Africa

Design with Dignity

The connections made through the Walter H. Judd International Graduate and Professional Fellowships continue to flourish and grow even after students graduate and move on from the University.

Anna Martin ('07) and Sara Thompson ('05) didn't cross paths as Judd Fellows, but both were inspired by courses they took with a visiting professor and the desire to continue her legacy. Today they've formed a business together that is changing the face of international development through the use of picture-based diaries. Read more about Anna and Sara's partnership >>

Asli Calkivik

From Minnesota to Turkey and Back: The Impact of a Colonial Dames Scholarship

One of the visiting faculty members in the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC) this year is a familiar face on the University of Minnesota campus. Asli Calkivik graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2010 after earning a master's and Ph.D. in Political Science with a focus on International Relations and Political Theory. She taught in her home country of Turkey, and has now returned to teach and continue her research in Minnesota—the place she says is home. Read more about Asli's love of Minnesota >>

Students on a boat in the ocean

Fischer Scholarships Spread Love of Travel

Participating in a Freshman Seminar Abroad is a great opportunity for students to have an experience abroad early on in their time at the University and can inspire the "travel bug" in students. Thanks to the Fischer Scholarship, more students can afford to take advantage of this opportunity.

Cathie Fischer and her late husband Jerry Fischer (former President and CEO of the University of Minnesota Foundation) established the scholarship to spread their love of international travel to a new generation of global citizens. Read memories from some of the Fischer Scholars >>

Hiroshi Nagai

Floating Chopsticks and Cardboard Neckties: Time in Minnesota Inspired Unconventional Design Theory

After graduating from the College of Science and Engineering in 1999, Hiroshi Nagai went back to Japan and founded BeaTOOL, an innovative company that changes the way people use household tools in their daily lives. Whether it's developing chopsticks that "float" to keep the chopstick rest clean or designing a necktie made out of cardboard (which he is wearing in the photo), Hiroshi is pushing the boundaries of conventional design with thoughtfulness and purpose.

Hiroshi credits his experience at the University of Minnesota with informing the way in which he designs his products for customers. Read more about Hiroshi's designs >>