Minnesota–Iceland 35th Anniversary

1982–2017: 35 years of student and faculty exchange

The University of Minnesota renewed its partnership agreement with the University of Iceland in 2017. Leaders of both institutions praised the 35-year-old partnership and expressed support for deepened exchange and collaboration.

University of Iceland Rector Jón Atli Benediktsson and University of Minnesota President Eric W. Kaler reaffirmed their commitment to a student exchange program. The exchange is generously supported in part by the Val Björnson Icelandic Exchange Scholarship, funded by individual donors and Icelandic heritage groups in North America and alumni of the program.

The University of Minnesota delegation observed how partnerships in education and nursing are thriving, while environmental sciences and engineering could be new areas for potential collaboration.

Members of the delegation also attended a seminar where University of Minnesota alumni in Iceland shared their research and professional accomplishments.

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The involvement of the community sustains the heart of our academic and cultural relationship. The University is grateful for the outstanding level of engagement and financial support from the Icelandic community.

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