Why I Give

Our generous donors are our heroes! And they all have unique and inspiring stories of why they give to the GPS Alliance.

Carole with a needlework of Paris that she made

A French Connection

Carole Hynes (née Dodds) has been sharing her passion for all things French ever since picking the country as the topic of her fifth grade geography project.

Carole and her husband Jim decided to showcase Carole’s passion for France in a new way: this time as donors. Read more >>

Janet Johanson

Paying It Forward

Janet Johanson believes in paying it forward. A University of Minnesota alumna (‘99), Janet knows first-hand the impact an international experience can have after spending her junior year of college in Japan.

Now she hopes to give another generation of students the same life-changing opportunity through a gift to the Learning Abroad Alumni Fund. Read more >>

students at a football game

Giving Students the World

University of Minnesota alumna David Eder (‘86 B.S., Urban Studies, Geography) never stamped his passport studying abroad in college, but still considers his time on campus as his first international experience. When he looked for a way to give back to the University, David found himself impressed by the range of student groups that were established after he had graduated, especially those relating to different cultures. One group stood out in particular: Small World Coffee Hour. Read more >>

students at a football game

Paving the Way

When Dr. Sping Lin (M.S. '50, Ph.D. '52) first arrived at the University of Minnesota as an agricultural fellow in 1947, he discovered that life in Minnesota and his native China were about as similar as summer and winter.

The Sping Lin and Ying-Ngoh T. Lin China Center Visiting Scholars Initiative, a new generation of Chinese scholars will follow in the footsteps of Dr. Lin, braving the cold of Minnesota in order to share their research and perspectives throughout the University. Read more >>

Time Abroad Inspired New Perspectives

Time Abroad Inspired New Perspectives

As a University of Minnesota undergraduate in 1994, Lisa Damon received a scholarship that helped her fund one of her two trips abroad to Europe.

Today, Lisa and her husband hope to provide a new generation of students with the opportunity to study abroad through the Lisa M. Damon and Gregg E. Lauderdale Scholarship. Read more >>

Building a More Workable World

Building a More "Workable World"

Dr. Joseph E. Schwartzberg has lived as a World Citizen in advocacy and action throughout his life.

Now, through the creation of the Workable World Trust Fellowship to support students at the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC), Dr. Schwartzberg is ensuring his legacy will continue as students and others work to improve global governance through peaceful evolutionary processes. Read more >>

Leading the Way for Study Abroad

Leading the Way for Study Abroad

Inspired by their own study abroad experiences, Jenny and Mike are helping a new generation of Gophers experience life abroad through the establishment of a scholarship, symbolically named the Cairn Fund. Studying abroad was a cairn in the lives of Jenny and Mike, and they are hopeful their fund will provide many students with the resources to begin their own journeys. Read more >>

Donor Recognition Opportunities

Presidents Club

The Presidents Club recognizes University-wide cumulative giving of $25,000 and up.

Heritage Society

Donors making estate and other planned gift commitments are recognized through the Heritage Society, a special society of the Presidents Club.

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities are offered to honor the generous support of individuals and organizations that have contributed in a significant way to the advancement of the University.