Funding for International Activities

International Travel Grants

International Travel Grants are funded by the University of Minnesota central administration to support the internationalization of the University on all campuses through research, teaching, and outreach.

Application Materials

The entire application process is conducted through our online application system. In addition to project, budget, and travel information, you will need to provide the name and email address of your department head or supervisor, who will be asked to write a letter of support. Note that you can revisit your application as much as you want before submitting it.

Start an Application


Application deadlines are March 15, August 15, or December 15 each year.

  • Funding can be used within one year pre- or post-award.
  • Award notifications will be sent via e-mail 4 to 6 weeks after deadline.

Award Guidelines* (average award is $1,500; maximum award is $2,000)

  • Curriculum development
    • Enhance/develop course taught at the U of M
    • Develop curriculum for study abroad (expenses for faculty and staff while leading a program are not eligible)
  • Department/college/unit outreach abroad
  • International conference participation (attending or presenting)
  • Invite researcher/lecturer/collaborator to U of M
  • Research abroad
    • Collaborative
    • Individual

*For group projects, the maximum award is $5,000.


  • Applicants must be University of Minnesota faculty or P&A staff.
  • Travel funded must support international activities that positively impact the University
  • Applicants must demonstrate monetary support and/or other kinds of support from their department, college, international organization, partner, and/or host institution; examples of other support include lab time, office space, administrative support, on-site housing, or transportation.

Priority will be given to those who:

  • Have never received funding through the International Travel Grants program
  • Demonstrate a link between international activities and University of Minnesota teaching, learning, or research
  • Demonstrate the long-term impact of proposed international activities
  • Link international activity to strategic goals of their college or unit
  • Engage with the curriculum and governance committees of their departments, colleges, and campuses

Applications will NOT be accepted for:

  • Undergraduate or graduate students (cannot be included on group application)
  • Individuals who have been awarded International Travel Grant funding within the past three years
  • Expenses for faculty and staff while leading a learning abroad experience
  • Projects that have already been funded by the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance (i.e., Global Spotlight, International Travel Grants)
  • Past recipients who have not fulfilled obligations from past grant awards (i.e., submitted final travel reports)
  • Global Programs and Strategy Alliance staff
  • Travel within the U. S.
  • Faculty and staff employed less than one year at the University of Minnesota

Grantee Obligations

Funding is contingent on the individual or group submitting a travel report within 60 days of their activities. Funding will be revoked if travel report is not submitted on time. Choose one report option below:

    • Submit online travel grant report
      • Report asks to describe your activity, impact of your international activity, and your plans to disseminate what you have learned with your students and colleagues
    • Submit a 200-word International Reflection to
      • A short self-reflective report on your international travel and collaboration experiences funded by the International Travel Grant. The International Reflection report may include:
        • A personal story that highlights how your funded travel has influenced the development of your international perspectives
        • Your thoughts and viewpoints on the intercultural experiences of your funded trip
        • A story of transformation that has resulted from your funded International Travel Grant experience

Grantees are encouraged to share knowledge and contacts by participating in department, college, or University international activities.

Health and Safety

International Travel Registry

The University's Travel Policy requires all faculty and staff traveling abroad for University purposes to register their travel.

International Health, Security, Medical, and Evacuation Insurance
The University's approved international health, security, medical, and evacuation insurance is required for faculty and staff who are not covered by a UPlan medical plan or for those leading students abroad.

All faculty and staff who participate in a UPlan medical plan are covered by Redpoint, which provides worldwide emergency medical assistance—including assistance with emergency evacuations and repatriations—and other travel assistance services when 100 or more miles away from home. If you wish, you may purchase insurance through the University's contract with CISI as an additional coverage.