C. Eugene Allen Award for Innovative International Initiatives (III)

Dave Golden and Holly Ziemer in front of Boynton Health building2018 Recipient

Dave Golden and Communications Team, Boynton Health, UMTC

The University of Minnesota formed the Immigration Response Team in 2017 to address rapidly changing immigration rules and procedures, and the impact they were having on the campus community. The IRT team for the first year consisted of Marissa Hill-Dongre as director and Holly Ziemer from Boynton Health, who managed communications and outreach on a half-time basis.

Holly's great contribution to the IRT in its first year was the direct result of her supervisor, Dave Golden, Director of Public Health and Communications for Boynton Health Service, who was willing to make this staffing arrangement work. The loss of one important staff member creates work for others, and for the past year the Boynton Communications team shouldered that burden for the greater good of the University.