C. Eugene Allen Award for Innovative International Initiatives (III)

Sharon Dzik with Gene Allen and Meredith McQuaid2016 Recipient

Sharon Dzik
Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity
Office for Student Affairs, UMTC

The topic of academic integrity is complex, even more so when dealing with international students and cultural differences. The Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity, under the leadership of Sharon Dzik, has created several innovative initiatives that have created meaningful outreach, education, and dialogue around the complex topic of academic integrity on the Twin Cities campus.

Sharon has researched and implemented strategies that specifically take into account cultural differences in how academic integrity is viewed and approached from an international to local level. Working with staff in International Student and Scholar Services, she has tailored communications to international students so they understand and engage in the disciplinary review process. She has conducted research on how culture affects academic integrity, including meeting with students and teachers in China to learn how they understand, teach, and enforce the issue.

Sharon takes an educational, rather than punitive approach to addressing instances of scholastic dishonesty, and that is a key reason she is effective in her role. She has expanded educational outreach to international students both in new student orientations and through an “academic integrity” online module required for all new international students. She created the Academic Integrity Matters program for students who have been accused of scholastic dishonesty and accept responsibility for violating the Student Conduct Code. This program provides a greater understanding of academic integrity and an opportunity to repair the harm caused by scholastic dishonesty.

Under Sharon’s leadership, the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity creates meaningful and effective ways to engage with international students around the complex issue of academic integrity. These innovative approaches result in better experiences for students and an outstanding reputation for the University as a leader in the field.