Award for Global Engagement

2009 Recipients

David W. Chapman

Dr. David Chapman is an internationally known scholar and practitioner in the field of international development. Over the last two decades he has worked with more than 45 developing countries and assisted national governments and international organizations in the areas of educational policy and planning, program design, and evaluation. His expertise in international education development has been widely sought after by the most significant organizations in the field. He has made important contributions to educational policy and development in his role as consultant and researcher in countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Professor Chapman’s work is related to real-world policy issues in countries across the world and is significant in its impact on improving the education condition for children and adults worldwide. Key themes that appear throughout his projects, articles, books, chapters, and policy reports include educational quality, efficiency, and accountability. Organizational change across educational systems constitutes another focus within Professor Chapman’s work. His scholarship is noteworthy for spanning K-12 and higher education, including questions of school improvement and teacher preparation in basic education as well as issues in postsecondary and system reform. Additionally he is one of the foremost authorities concerning the education of women and girls in developing countries.

The diversity and richness of Professor Chapman’s experiences across the world translate into effective instructional strategies in the courses he teaches. Graduate students from across the world have chosen the University for their graduate education as a result of connections they have with Professor Chapman and his writings. Advanced doctoral students in the Comparative and International Development Education (CIDE) program have accompanied Professor Chapman on overseas projects as full team members on his international research projects. The learning experience has been incredible for these students, who have become co-authors of academic publications and conference presentations. Several of his doctoral advisees are now in significant positions in international development in institutions and countries around the world.

Professor Chapman has worked with dozens of universities and given lectures, workshops, and invited presentations on international development and educational reform in countries across the globe. He has written more than 125 articles, books, and book chapters about international education development. In addition, he has authored numerous policy reports concerning the education of women and girls in developing countries. In the approach to his work he offers expertise within the context of his understanding of what people really want. He seeks guidance from local experts and makes sure what he proposes is acceptable to the people he serves. This approach ensures that his work will be used for the betterment of societies around the world.

Professor Chapman has been called “one of the most productive, creative, and wide-ranging scholars of international policy issues anywhere.” He has increased the visibility and impact of international work by faculty in the College of Education and Human Development. His contributions have been collegial, consistent, and significant. He has been called the “University’s ambassador to the world,” representing the best of the United States to the international academic community.