International Travel Registry

Faculty and Staff

The University's Travel Policy requires all faculty and staff traveling abroad for University purposes to register their travel. This is NOT an approval process. The information on travel plans will remain confidential and is only connected to an individual employee in case of emergency or if the travel destination includes U.S. embargoed countries. For more details, please visit the "Traveling on Business FAQ."

You will be asked to provide:

  • Location and dates of your travel
  • Travel purpose(s) and emergency contact information
  • EFS number and financial staff contact (if purchasing CISI international insurance)

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Graduate Assistants, Residents, Fellows, and Students

Graduate assistants, residents, fellows, and students are required to register their travel through the Student International Travel Registry, which will facilitate completion of the following requirements:

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is available at GO SAFE.

Where Are Faculty & Staff Travelling?

Faculty & Staff Travel ChartEver wondered where faculty and staff are traveling? Or which countries get the most visits?

Why Should I Register?

  • You will be provided with important health, safety, and logistical updates and assistance from the University before, during, and after your international trip.
  • You will have the opportunity to purchase high-quality international medical insurance at low group rates.
  • You will have travel discounts available to you negotiated by the University using the registry data.
  • The University will have a record of travelers to specific countries who can serve as a resource to those looking for advice or potential partners in projects in that country.
  • The University can assess where it has projects and activities and can use the information to make priorities and investments.