Peacock: Global Spotlight

Grants Requirements

Grant recipients will be required to submit a report to the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance within 2 months of the end of the project’s timeline.

The narrative report should clearly address the following:

  • Activities that you completed; state specific deliverables with details/references or narrative
  • Progress made toward the original goals of the project
  • Long-term sustainability and impact of the project
  • Additional funds applied for to support continuation of the project, internal or external to the U of M
  • Additional funds secured with the monetary amount, internal or external to the U of M
  • Details on how the funds were used, and any changes made in the use of the grant funds from your original proposal
  • Plan to communicate the outcome of your project through normal academic outlets (e.g., journals, presentations) and to the general public
  • How the grant has enhanced your academic and/or professional careers
  • Photos related to your research is welcome

Please submit your report to:
Molly Portz at

NOTE: Grant recipients may be asked to present their research at a Global Spotlight conference or forum