Past Events: 2013-14

October 14 & 15, 2013

5th Annual Healthy Foods Summit which will focus on the topic of Food and the Environment

Location: Commons Hotel (Oct. 14) and the Landscape Arboretum (Oct. 15).

The 5th Annual Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Symposium and Food Summit, co-hosted by two of the University's flagship institutions dedicated to public health and well-being, the Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives (HFHL) Institute and the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, will be held October 14 & 15 at the Commons Hotel (Oct. 14) and the Landscape Arboretum (Oct. 15). This year’s summit will focus on food and the environment: the impact of climate and environmental changes on food production and conversely, the impact of food production on the environment.

For more information and to register visit Health Food, Healthy Lives Institute.

September 20, 2013

Critiical Conversations: Asia & Bios
Sponsored by Critical Asian Studies (CAS) & Global Spotlight

Speakers Include:
Lawrence Cohen, UC Berkeley, Anthropology
Kavita Philips, UC Irvine, Women's Studies
Vincanne Adams, UCSF, School of Medicine
David Biggs, UC Riverside, History
Christine Marran, U of MN

This is a one-day symposium with five speakers, followed by a round-table discussion with the audience (the event is open to public) on how to envision and implement a new kind of Asian studies that can more productively and critically interact with scholarly and public discourses on biology, medicine, and environmental issues.

June 8, 2013

Dance of a Thousand Water Dreams
Location: Union Depot, St. Paul

Speakers include:
Sharon Day, Executive Director, Indigenous People's Task Force
Ananya Chatterjea, UMN, Dept of Theater Arts and Dance

This is a processional performance that brings together ways of thinking around rivers, in particular, the Ganga and the Mississippi. The Mississippi, like the Ganga, is a strong life-support artery for many communities who live along its banks. These rivers facilitate commerce, cultural development, social practices, and livelihood. They also hold a vital place in the public imaginaries of the South Asian and Native communities, and figure prominently in their cosmologies.

May 8, 2013

Perspectives on Global Food Security and Social Justice: A Roundtable Discussion

180 Humphrey Center
3:30 - 5:00 P.M.


Jonathan Foley, Director, Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota
William Moseley, Professor and Chair of Geography, Macalester College
Rachel Schurman, Professor, Institute for Global Studies and Department of Sociology, University of Minnesota
Vinay GIdwani, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Environment & Society and the Institute for Global Studies, University of Minnesota
Moderator: Valentine Cadieux, Research Associate, Departments of Sociology and Geography, Society and Environment, University of Minnesota

Please join us for a discussion of global food security and social justice on themes including:
- How do we meet the challenges of global food security and long-term environmental sustainability?
- How is the global food system evolving and what are some implications for Africa and for small farmers? What are some strategies for addressing the food insecurity of the poorest of the poor?
- What are some different ways of understanding global food security and how do these understandings map onto thinking about food justice?
- How do questions of food security and social justice fit in the context of India's economic growth story?

Refreshments will be served.

April 16, 2013

One Health Partnership workshop on “Advancing Global Food and Nutrition”

McNamara Alumni Center
Time: TBA
Organized by: Global Initiative for Food Systems Leadership

The theme of this year’s One Health Partnership workshop is “Advancing Global Food and Nutrition.” Colleagues from the food industry, government, commodity groups, and academia will participate in a one-day workshop that explores opportunities for partnerships that advance research, education, and outreach for global food and nutrition security.

April 5- 7, 2013

Workshop on Critical Climate Change Scholarship

Location: TBA
Time: TBA
Hosted by the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change

This workshop aims to contribute to recent trans- and interdisciplinary scholarship on climate change, and explore new areas of inquiries by posing the question: what is critical about critical climate change scholarship?  Workshop participants will consider both how climate change demands a rethinking of the nature of critique, and how critical scholarship is more necessary than ever for efforts toward just and sustainable ecological futures.

The workshop will facilitate transdisciplinary critical climate change scholarship by providing an opportunity to: develop a robust critical vocabulary able to speak across disciplines; identify common goals and strategize future projects for critical climate change scholarship; and locate resources, both financial and intellectual, for pursuing these agendas. In particular, workshop sessions will highlight the work of graduate students and early-career scholars as well as to provide an opportunity for scholars experienced in interdisciplinary research to reflect on and share their strategies for successful collaboration.

Workshop speakers include:

  • Dr. Nigel Clark, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University
  • Dr. David Lansing, Department of Geography, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Dr. Kathryn Yusoff, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University

Cosponsors:  Global Programs and Strategy Alliance's Global Spotlight; Department of Geography, Environment and Society; Institute on the Environment; Institute for Global Studies; Institute of Advanced Study

March 8-10, 2013

Nobel Peace Prize Forum: “The Power of Ideas: People and Peace”

The 25th annual Nobel Peace Prize Forum will take place March 8-10 in Minneapolis, on the campuses of Augsburg College and the University of Minnesota West Bank.  This event is open to the public. 

Sponsors: Humphrey School of Public Affairs & Augsburg College
Co-sponsors: GPS Alliance, Global Spotlight, Carlson School of Management
College of Biological Sciences, Institute on the Environment, & School of Public Health

The Nobel Peace Prize Forum is a unique civic learning experience. This dynamic, public, global event brings Nobel Peace Prize winners, civic leaders, and scholars together with students and other citizens. As the Norwegian Nobel Institute’s only such program or academic affiliation outside of Norway, the Forum has a special mission: to inspire peacemaking by celebrating the work of Peace Prize winners. (Buy tickets or visit the website)

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