Addressing Global Challenges

International Research Conference

Poster Session

Estimates of Cub Survival to Independence Do Not Explain Population Trends in Amur Leopards
Serge Berg, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Conservation Biology, CFANS

Women’s Entrepreneurship, Learning, and Empowerment: Assessing the Impact of Microfinance on Women in Rural China
Hui Bi; Research Assistant; Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development; CEHD

Fecal Bacterial Diversity of the Wild Mantled Howling Monkey (Alouatta palliata)
Jonathan Clayton, DVM/Ph.D. Candidate, Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Veterinary Medicine

Adapting to Climate Change: Perspectives on Agricultural Knowledge Management by Farmers in the Nepal Terai
Narayan P. Dhakal; Research Associate; Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology; CFANS

A Model for Peace: Government vs. Community-Led Meetings in Pokot, Kenya
Rachel Finsaas, Board Chair of Daylight Center and School, Liberal Studies, CCE

Variability and Risk: Evaluating Linkages between Hydrological Change, Agriculture, and the Economy
Efi Foufoula Georgiou, Distinguished McKnight Professor
Diego Ponce de León Baridó, Research Coordinator, Civil Engineering, CSE

A Comparison of Asthma Care Coordination by School Nurses in Reykjavik, Iceland, and St. Paul, MN
Ann Garwick, Professor, School of Nursing
Wendy Looman, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Ann Sepelt, School of Nursing
Eria Kolbrun Svavarsdottir, University of Iceland

Taking Ethics Online: The Need for International Computer-Mediated Communication Scholarship
Peter Joseph Gloviczki, Ph.D. Candidate, Mass Communication, CLA

Implementing a Sharps Containment Program at a Charity Hospital in India
Joshua Gramling, Graduate Student, Environmental Health Sciences, SPH

Internationalization in the Teacher Education Curriculum: Outcomes and Challenges
Insoon Han, Assistant Professor, and Mary Ann Marchel, Associate Professor, Education, CEHSP, Duluth

The Five Domestic University Ranking Systems and National Higher Education Issues in Japan
Darwin Hendel, Associate Professor, and Takehito Kamata, Graduate Student, Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development; CEHD

Global Health Governance Under the WTO: Challenges to the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control in Uruguay and Australia
Judy Jou, Graduate Student, Health Policy and Management, SPH

Gender and Environmentally Sustainable Workplace Behaviors by Country
Rachael Klein, Graduate Student, Industrial Organizational Psychology, CLA

Cultural Immersion Service Learning in Public Health Nursing: Assessing Cultural Competence
Kathleen Krichbaum, Associate Professor, School of Nursing
Elaine Darst, Clinical Associate Professor, School of Nursing
Karen Monsen, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing

Rural Women’s Intergenerational Knowledge Transfer: Lessons from Mali
Kate Lechner, African Sky Organization
Arthur Sillah and Raymond Schneider, Graduate Students, Epidemiology and Community Health, SPH
Amanda Hong, Peace Corps

The Roving Care Program in Dominica: An Ethnographic Account
Mary Ann Marchel, Associate Professor, Education, CEHSP, Duluth

Asia Aids Africa? An Assessment of Japan’s Official Development Aid to Malawi through Mathematics and Science Education
Nelson M. Nkhoma and Takehito Kamata; Graduate Students; Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development; CEHD

Effect of Maternal Anemia During Pregnancy on Neonatal Outcomes in Northeast India
Corey Sable, Graduate Student, Biostatistics, SPH

Food Security Monitoring & Evaluation in Rural Mali: Preliminary Findings
Arthur Sillah, Graduate Student, Epidemiology and Community Health, SPH

Importing Anthropometry, Exporting Race: The Americanization of Bertillonage
Benjamin Wiggins, Doctoral Dissertation Fellow, American Studies, CLA

Research on the Cheap: Social Networking to Stretch Your Research Dollar
Janelle Mayer, Graduate Student, Counseling and Student Personnel Psychology, CEHD

Middle-East Women and the Web 2.0: Harnessing Innovation and Discourse through Social Media
Elisa Carlock Hill, Graduate Student, Liberal Studies, CCE

Societal Responses to Natural Disasters: Helping in the Aftermath of the 2010 Chile Earthquake
Susanne Gabrielsen, Alexander Maki, and Patrick C. Dwyer, Graduate Students, Psychology, CLA
Roberto Gonzalez, Professor, Psychology, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile

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