Addressing Global Challenges

International Research Conference

Morning Concurrent Sessions

IGERT International Cooperative Graduate Projects on Invasive Species and Genotypes
David Andow, Professor, Entomology, CFANS
David Smith, Ph.D. Student, Applied Economics, CFANS
Mike Nelson, Ph.D. Candidate, Plant Biological Sciences, CFANS
Alexandra (Sascha) Lodge, Ph.D. Student, Natural Resources Science and Management, CFANS
Joe Kaser, Ph.D Student, Entomology, CFANS

Connecting Academic Research to Conservation and Education in the Guanacaste
Jennifer S. Powers; Assistant Professor; Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior; CBS
Salvatore Agosta, Post-Doctoral Student, Biology, Wilkes University
Jeff Klemens, Investigadores del Area de Conservacion Guanacaste, iACG

Well-Being Performances in Botswana: Centering Women’s Roles in Popular
Pabalelo G. Mmila, Graduate Student, Theater Arts and Dance, CLA

Charting Spatialities: Puckllay Community-Based Theater’s Performances of Indigeneity in Contemporaneous Peru
Merle Ivone Barriga Ramirez, Ph.D. Candidate, Theatre Arts and Dance,

Infectious Diseases Research in East Africa
Kirsten Nielsen, Assistant Professor, Microbiology, Medical School
David Boulware, M.D., Assistant Professor, Infectious Disease, Medical School
Meggan Craft, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Population Medicine, CVM
Timothy Shacker, M.D., Professor, Medical School, Director, Infectious Disease Clinic

Comparing Climate Change Policy Networks: An International Research Program in Twenty Countries
Jeffrey Broadbent, Associate Professor, Sociology, CLA
Sarah Burridge, Ph.D Student, Conservation Biology, CFANS
Philip Vaughter, Graduate Student, Conservation Biology, CFANS

Ethics in International Research: Unique Issues and Case Studies
Melissa Anderson; Professor; Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development; CEHD
James D. Neaton, Professor, SPH

Community-Based HIV Research in Rural Ethiopia
Alan Lifson, M.D., Professor in Epidemiology and Community Health, SPH

Khat Research Program (KRP): Progress and Future Directions
Mustafa al’Absi, Ph.D, Professor & Director of Duluth Medical Research Institute (DMRI) Duluth Medical School

ClaraMente: Constructing Mental Health and Stigma in Guatemala City
Chantal Figueroa; Ph.D Student; Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development; CEHD

Conflict After War: Land Wrangles During Resettlement in Northern Uganada
Shannon Golden, Ph.D Candidate, Sociology, CLA


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