Tea harvesting : Global Spotlight

What is the Global Spotlight?

The Global Spotlight is no longer an active initiative. This site is maintained for historical archive purposes.

Global Spotlight was the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance’s program that supported international scholarly initiatives at the University and highlighted the research of faculty who work to address the world's issues, inspire new research, and advance the University's global impact.

The goals of the program were to:

  • highlight existing strengths of the University
  • build on cross-border and cross-disciplinary relationships
  • educate and inform the University and local community
  • identify and provide funding for targeted research and other scholarly initiatives
  • increase the University’s visibility and stature around the world


The GPS Alliance planned and sponsored symposia, conferences, lectures, films, and cultural events to educate and inform the University and local community about the University’s work in the global research and activities. While sponsored by the GPS Alliance, the initiative was designed to engage the entire University community, including all five campuses.

Grant Funding

The grants programs supported targeted research and scholarly initiatives related to the Global Spotlight themes.