Tea harvesting : Global Spotlight

What is the Global Spotlight?

Global Spotlight is the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance’s biennial focus on a region of the world and a pressing global issue. In 2012-2014, the focus is on the region of South Asia and the issue of Global Food Security.

The initiative comes from taskforce recommendations, as part of the University’s strategic positioning effort. Funding is provided from Central Administration to support international scholarly initiatives at the University.

The goals of the program are to:

  • highlight existing strengths of the University
  • build on cross-border and cross-disciplinary relationships
  • educate and inform the University and local community
  • identify and provide funding for targeted research and other scholarly initiatives
  • increase the University’s visibility and stature around the world

“The idea of the Global Spotlight series is to literally and figuratively shine a light on international activities across the University," said Robert Jones, senior vice president for academic administration. "Our faculty already do amazing work to address the world's issues and our students are preparing more than ever to live and work in a global society. By highlighting a specific region of the world and by focusing on a particular topic, we hope also to inspire new research and advance understanding of the world in integrated and exciting ways."


Over the course of two years, the GPS Alliance will plan and sponsor symposia, conferences, lectures, films, and cultural events to educate and inform the University and local community about the University’s work in the areas of South Asia and/or food. While sponsored by the GPS Alliance, the initiative is designed to engage the entire University community, including all five campuses. All University units are encouraged to incorporate Global Spotlight themes into their events. The GPS Alliance is interested in promoting and possibly co-sponsoring these events. (Learn more about other ways to get involved.)

Grant Funding

In the second year of the biennium, the GPS Alliance plans to offer a grant program to support targeted research and scholarly initiatives related to the Global Spotlight themes. Guidelines and more information about the grants will be announced in fall 2013.

Justin Schell