Past Projects

The following are examples of the types of support that Global Operations has provided:

  • Considering legal, tax and cash management issues when setting up a degree program that involves coursework in India and at the University of Minnesota
  • Addressing local tax and Social Security requirements for employees working in China
  • Addressing local Afghani tax requirements and process for current employees and contractors in Afghanistan
  • Leasing office space in China
  • Legal and tax considerations when setting up an international conference in China and remitting profits to the University
  • Contracting and liability issues when providing a training to Afghani professionals in Pakistan
  • Accessing cash to provide study participants with incentive payments in multiple rural locations in the developing world
  • Providing cash per diem to attendees at a meeting in Pakistan
  • Navigating University policy in order to contract and pay student volunteers, contractors, and employees who travel to assist with an overseas research project

Feedback from Faculty and Staff Users

The Global Operations team has intervened at crucial moments to assist me successfully navigate University bureaucracy that was hindering the progress of a large international project I direct. Their intervention has been crucial to the success of our project. The management of large multi-country projects is new for some offices and they may impose unnecessary constraints on project managers, such as myself. Global Operations has helped us navigate through these hurdles.

— Professor David Chapman, Principal investigator on the MasterCard Foundation project and the USAID Zambia project

We were dealing with issues that hadn't come up before in our Division and, in some cases, were quite rare for the University. Once we started working with Global Operations, there was a sense of relief that we had an ally to help us figure out which University offices we needed to work with. It wasn't as if Global Operations had the answers ready for us, but they were there to help us contact the right people who needed to be at the table for the conversation and in some cases provide additional context to start asking the right questions.

— Project coordinator for a large sponsored project


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