Global Operations

The University’s research, teaching, and outreach mission is increasingly global. International research, projects, and programs require considerable planning and organization. They often involve unfamiliar laws and regulations, and need flexible and responsive support. Global Operations is here to help!

What is Global Operations?

Global Operations brings together experts in the areas of tax, purchasing, legal, human resources, and compliance to assess issues, provide advice, and reduce internal infrastructure barriers for University faculty and staff undertaking research, projects, or programs abroad. Global Operations will, as needed, seek outside counsel provided by Radius (formerly High Street Partners), an international business service firm focused on the unique circumstances of higher education. The initiative can help with activities ranging from large degree-granting programs to small activities with in-country hiring, purchasing, or other operational requirements. We focus on providing guidance, options, and advice over specific answers.

Why should I consult with Global Operations?

  • We offer complimentary*, personalized, no-fault support.
  • We can reduce or mitigate potential risks.
  • We can be contacted at any time in the project process.
  • We can reduce your project costs in the long-term.
  • We can alert you to regulations you didn’t know existed.
  • We are a one-stop shop that coordinates with a variety of offices for you.

*Services, including Radius time, are complimentary up to two billable hours. If services will go beyond the complimentary time, Global Operations will work with the unit on a billable hours arrangement.

When should I consult with Global Operations?

It's best to contact Global Operations as early in your planning process as possible, but we can support you at any time in the project. We can answer one-off questions as well as provide overall project assessment. Global Operations is a collaborative, no-fault, problem-solving, personalized service to help organize, assess, and support your project. It is never too early to bring in the Global Operations team! The earlier we are brought in on a project, the better and sooner we can help you out.

Where can Global Operations provide support?

Here is a sample of some of the areas where Global Operations can provide support:

  • Cash management and banking in foreign countries
  • Paying employees, contractors, and volunteers abroad
  • Purchasing or leasing equipment or office space abroad
  • Legal, liability, and contracting issues for projects or programs abroad
  • International tax considerations ranging from social security to sales tax
  • University policy regarding activities abroad
  • International research and funding regulations
  • Technology and intellectual property issues in foreign countries

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Who is involved in Global Operations?

Global Operations is a collaborative, University-wide effort involving coordinating staff from the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, various University compliance offices, consultants from Radius if necessary, and most importantly, you! You will be included and informed throughout the process. All information is kept confidential and will only be shared with others if you agree.

How does the Global Operations process work?

How does the Global Operations process work? The first step is to complete the online intake form. If you are unsure of the answers to the questions in the form, or would prefer to start with an initial conversation, please contact Katie Van Geem (see contact info on the right). Once the intake form is received, you will be contacted within two business days to answer any follow-up questions. Please include as much information as possible as Global Operations support can only be as good as the information provided by you!

Next, Global Operations will address your questions with the appropriate advisory contacts. This often involves follow-up with you via email. If necessary, Global Operations will seek outside counsel from Radius. The first two hours of the consultation and advice, including Radius' time, are complimentary. If the project requires or would benefit from additional services from outside counsel, a fee would be discussed and recommended to the project owner. You can expect to be involved at each stage of the process.

Timing will depend on the specific issues at hand. Global Operations cases have been resolved in as short as 24 hours and have lasted up to several months in order to address larger policy issues or to change University infrastructure. You will receive an estimate on timing and any anticipated costs upon the initial contact and regular updates on any new information or changes. Accordingly, you can expect to hear from Global Operations at least every two weeks to confirm progress.


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