Research and Resources

Study of the Educational Impact of International Students in Campus Internationalization

Principal Investigators: Diana Yefanova, Gayle Woodruff, Barbara Kappler, and Christopher Johnstone

Conducted as a partnership between the College of Education and Human Development, the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, and International Student and Scholar Services.

This research project sought to identify factors that influence the educational impact that international students have on the campuses of the University of Minnesota and to explore pedagogical practices that faculty members consider useful in promoting cross-national student interactions in the classroom.

The study occurred in two phases. The first phase consisted of a series of focus groups with both students and faculty across the University of Minnesota system. In these focus groups, participants reported on both what they learned from cross-national interactions as well as the institutional practices and strategies that cultivate opportunities for interaction. In the second phase, the researchers used in-depth case studies to further explore the teaching techniques and course design strategies that faculty and instructors employ to intentionally facilitate cross-national interactions.

*Please visit this page to read a more in-depth summary of Phase 1 of the research study and to access a list data and research projects related to international undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota.

Pedagogical Tools

The Phase 2 findings suggesting the benefits of intentionally facilitated activities in promoting cross-national interactions have informed the development of a faculty guide for an in-class activity to promote interaction between domestic and international students.

For questions regarding the research, please contact Gayle Woodruff.