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By the Numbers

  • Languages taught at the University: 30
  • Nobel Prizes won by faculty and alumni: 25
  • Rank of UMTC nationally, based on participation in education abroad: 6th
  • Rank of UMTC nationally, based on enrollment of international students: 17th
  • Home countries of UMTC international students: 130
  • International faculty and scholars at UMTC: 1,811
  • Rhodes Scholars: 5
  • Fulbright Scholars, Students (2016): 6
  • Fulbright Scholars, Faculty (2015-16): 7

UMN Facts & Figures Brochure for International Visitors

The GPS Alliance has produced an overview "facts and figures" brochure for international visitors. The brochure is available in hard copy for free to departments or as a PDF, upon request. Send requests to global@umn.edu.