Funding for International Activities

International Students

Funding to Study at the U of M

Global Excellence Scholarships
All international freshmen and transfer undergraduate students who are admitted are considered for a Global Excellence Scholarship. These competitive, merit-based scholarships are awarded for up to four years and cover either the full difference or 50% of the difference between resident and non-resident tuition rates. No separate scholarship application is required. Students are considered for these awards by the Office of Admissions, based on an overall assessment of the admission application.

Graduate Assistantships
For graduate and professional students, the most common financial assistance is through graduate assistantships (teaching or research under the direction of a faculty member), which are awarded by individual graduate programs. Qualified graduate students who receive an assistantship will have full or partial tuition waived and will receive a salary and health insurance.

International Student Funding Program
To assist international students who are experiencing financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances, ISSS offers a very limited amount of financial aid to qualified international students in their last two semesters of study at the Twin Cities campus.

Funding to Support International Activities

International students qualify for most University scholarships and fellowships that support research or study abroad. Generally these funds will not support an international student returning to his or her home country. Check the guidelines of individual scholarships and grants for more information.