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Dr. Schwartzberg and Dean McQuaidBuilding a More "Workable World"

Dr. Joseph E. Schwartzberg has lived as a World Citizen in advocacy and action throughout his life. A world federalist who was convinced of the “oneness” of humanity from an early age, Dr. Schwartzberg (pictured with Dean of International Programs Meredith McQuaid) became a professor at the University of Minnesota in 1964 when he was asked to edit the "Historical Atlas of South Asia."

Now, through the creation of the Workable World Trust and the Workable World Trust Fellowship to support students at the Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC), Dr. Schwartzberg is ensuring his legacy will continue as students and others work to improve global governance through peaceful evolutionary processes.

“It is important that people march to the beat of their own drummer and find what they do best,” Dr. Schwartzberg remarked. “For some it is organizing, for others it is getting out in the field… When you find out what you do best, that’s probably where you will have the greatest impact. I hope that the students who get the fellowship will do as I do and try to make a more workable world.”

Providing Summer Research Opportunities for Students

The Workable World Trust Fellowship will support ICGC Fellows who are studying in the College of LIberal Arts, where Dr. Schwarztberg worked for more than four decades. This funding will support summer research opportunities for students, starting in 2016.

This year's cohort of ICGC Fellows represents a range of colleges/schools, departments, and home countries. This exceptional group of students brings a wealth of intellectual energy, academic and personal experience, and a shared commitment to understanding issues of social justice.

2015 Cohort of ICGC Fellows

ICGC Fellows Overview


Creating a Workable World Conference

In addition to creating this fellowship, the Workable World Trust is organizing the Creating a Workable World Conference to be held at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs on October 9-10. The conference’s speakers will discuss creative solutions for the world’s great problems like climate change, peacekeeping, and human rights. W. Andy Knight of the Institute for International Relations at the University of the West Indies will give the keynote on the need for a new global governance paradigm.

“My hope is that each person who attends the conference will be convinced by one of the speakers to work on an individual problem… and that—instead of working at the national level—people will think more at the global level,” Schwartzberg said.

The conference is free for all high school and college students (with valid ID), and early bird registration is $100 for all others who register before October 1. The conference is open to the public, but, because of limited seating, people who register are urged to attend both days in full.

The Workable World Trust is also funding the translation of Dr. Schwartzberg’s book, "Transforming the United Nations: Designs for a Workable World," into seven major languages. One of his earlier works, “An Affirmation of Human Oneness,” has been translated into 41 languages. He notes that none of this work would be possible without the help of Nancy Dunlavy, his assistant.

More information about Dr. Schwartzberg and the Workable World Trust can be found on the Workable World website.


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