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Why I Give: Lisa Damon '95, '97

As a University of Minnesota undergraduate in 1994, Lisa Damon received a scholarship that helped her fund one of her two trips abroad to Europe. While abroad, she researched the history of the world-famous Louvre museum during a two-week stay in France and spent a semester studying language and culture at Sweden’s Linnaeus University. Lisa returned home with more than just credits, however. She also brought with her a new outlook that spanned across a wide range of subjects ranging from cultural differences and lifestyle to transportation and healthcare.

“I returned to the University of Minnesota having a new perspective on life in other parts of the world,” she says. “I learned about cultural similarities like human compassion, hope for peace and justice, cultural expressions, and overall human condition. I developed strong relationships with people I met while studying abroad that I still nurture and value to this day.”

Today, Lisa and her husband hope to provide a new generation of students with the opportunity to study abroad through the Lisa M. Damon and Gregg E. Lauderdale Scholarship. The scholarship is meant for students who are studying abroad for a semester or summer, an amount of time Lisa and Gregg believe gives students the chance to fully immerse themselves in a new culture.

“We want students to have time to develop relationships, discover new environments, and have time for a deeper exposure and experiences abroad,” she says. “It is important for students to have exposure to different world perspectives.”

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