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Reflections from China Center Scholarship Recipients

Lily Wilson, Beijing

Spring 2015, China West Scholarship

Lily Wilson at the Temple of Heaven in BeijingStudying abroad was such a profound experience that it is so difficult to put into words. Meeting people from around the world really helped me understand cultural differences and how people connect. My time abroad was phenomenal and I cannot wait until I go back to China to continue studying Chinese and meeting people from all over the world.

Aaron Lefkow, Beijing

Spring 2015, Hsiao Scholarship

Aaron Lefkow at the Great Wall I was very nervous about not being able to communicate my ideas clearly because of the CET language pledge. However, after the first week of classes, my level of confidence was higher than it had ever been before. Having class for around four hours a day and being able to speak one-on-one with a teacher gave me the confidence and ability to utilize my Chinese to freely express myself. 

Marlee Hein, Beijing

Spring 2015, China Center Red Pockets Scholarship

Marlee Hein at the Great WallMy trip to Beijing, was incredible. I was stimulated by every topic we studied and have collected so many lifelong memories. Climbing one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall, was memorizing; exploring an excavated Ming tomb was a chilly stairway down through history; and the classes, professors and students of the Beijing Sport University were all so intriguing and insightful.

Kenny Ngo, Hong Kong

Spring 2015, China Center Red Pockets Scholarship

Kenny Ngo in front of the Hong Kong skyline

Hong Kong is a truly diverse place that exceeded all of my expectations. I attempted to do almost everything that the city had to offer. I was [in Beijing] to understand my roots, immerse in new cultures, but most importantly, to give back. I had the chance to this by giving red pockets to strangers during the New Years and donating both money and time to the local temples around the city. I started to be more conscious of the world and realized my potential to make an impact and difference.

Michelle Smeaton, Hong Kong

Spring 2015, China Center Red Pockets Scholarship

Michelle Smeaton at the Great WallI spent four and a half months in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. While I was there I got to meet students from all around the world and explore the ins and outs of the city and hilly country parks. Right from the start the group of exchange students at the school felt a sort of comradery, so it was easy to find friends to explore the city with. I jumped right in to sightseeing at the most popular spots like Victoria Peak and the Tian Tian Buddha.

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